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Doug Spiker, EA

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I started this blog after encouragement from family, friends and colleagues. For first time visitors,  my name is Doug Spiker, EA. I live in Rochester NY with my wife Lauren. Designated as an Enrolled Agent, I am self-employed as a tax professional and have virtually unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

The knowledge I have gained about our Federal tax system in almost thirty years led me to the conclusion that we must change our tax laws. My experience working with taxpayers of all income levels and types has been up-close and personal and it is that personal experience that forms the basis of my posts. My goal is to convince Americans that we must change U.S. Code: Title 26 – Internal Revenue Code.

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Book available Now!
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The name of this blog originates from the meaning of an expression I sometimes used, and frequently heard during my service in the U.S. Army. Two acronyms were often expressed: SNAFU and FUBAR. FUBAR’ed is an abrupt way to relate just how bad things are (ex. they are Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.)

Regardless, SNAFU also provided soldiers a short, pithy way to refer to everyday situations. When used, it acknowledges that everything is normal. It describes circumstances as being ordinary, mostly and usually all screwed (also obviously not the exact word) up. It is a really clever turn of phrase given that it implies that things are actually not good, and the situation should not be normal but somehow it is. Do I sense sarcasm?

I think SNAFU clearly and succinctly describes the tax situation in the United States and I have chosen that term as the name for this blog site.  In addition to this blog, I have written and published a book, titled The F-Word, written to educate American taxpayers on the inequity - indeed the insanity - that is our tax code. 

I expect some readers will like and agree with things I write. On the other hand, I anticipate many others will not. Regardless, please add a comment on any post as you think appropriate. If you have suggestions for various subjects, please feel free to send me an email and let me know. I hope you are a frequent visitor.

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