Trump's Own Pile (Read or sung to the tune of Gilligan's Isle)

Just sit right back and read this tale
a tale of a sinking ship,
resulting from a faulty choice,
a ballot lever slip.

Trump was a lousy businessman,
Mike Pence brave and sure,
America set sail that day,
on a four year tour,
a four year tour.

That’s when things started getting rough,
Our economy was toast.
If not for the courage of a fearless few
America would be lost.
America would be lost.

Now we’re aground on the top of this
Highly walled-in pile.
with Donald Trump,
and Mike Pence too.
A billionaire and his wife,
Reality TV star,
Trump U profs and KellyAnn,
here on Trump’s own pile.

So this is the tale of our choice today,
It will last a long, long time.
We’ll have to make the best of things,
It’ll be an uphill climb.

Donald and his VP too
will do their very best,
to make themselves so comfortable
to hell with all the rest.

No job, no hope, just misery
not a single luxury
like a class at Trump University,
it's as comical as can be.

So make the right choice my friends,
you're sure to get a smile,
from millions of fellow citizens
freed from Trump’s own Pile!

AuthorDoug Spiker